Renovating Your New Park Colonial Condo Home Unit

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Renovating Your New Park Colonial Condo Home Unit

The thrill and horror experience after purchasing your own home…

Buying a newly developed Park Colonial condo from Chip Eng Seng is a huge investment deal, especially if it’s your first private condo. Secondly, buying your first Singapore investment condo will mean having a renovation to make it feel like your own personalized dream home. As you’re aware, the amount of upfront cash you paid for your new condo will directly impact the furnishings and everything you’ll want to put into transforming your new dream home.

When your budget is restrained, it’s essential to take renovations at a slower pace in order to save up more money for other important issues. It’s also vital to consider undertaking any upgrading work as a means to make your condo living experience more unique, apart from having a better Return on Investments (ROI) should you plan to sell the condo later before moving on. Park Colonial, located at Woodleigh lane neighbourhood on 309 Upper Serangoon Road, and in the north-eastern part of Singapore, provides potential home seekers a newly developed condo development that you can tailor-made to your liking once you collect your keys.

Making slight renovations are easy, but when it becomes too huge a project, you ought to make sure by checking it out with the building and construction authorities before making any type of structural changes. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons to getting the approval for renovation and then getting the necessary permits etc. Below is a scenario you can refer to prior renovating your condo unit if you are looking to make a lot of changes to your home. Here are some issues you can look forward to while renovating your new investment home.

Knowing the Regulations before Renovating your Condo

Because there are rules when it comes to hacking and drilling, here are some critical know-hows before you begin renovating your condo. Before performing any major renovation in a condo building, whether it’s for 10 or even 100 dwelling units, please seek clearance with your condo management before making any drastic changes to your space. Check with them before the work begins and by ensuring that you are making changes which is aligned to the rules as set out by the managing agent. However, different condo developments will have different managing agents with their own set of rules, such as how they are operating and what will take place within the building. Each condo projects will have their own safety handbook to prevent any type of unwarranted issues that may put other owner’s safety in jeopardy.

When you’ve decided to renovate your park colonial home

Generally, homeowners will want to move into a new condo and prefer all changes to be made before they shift their luggage in there. If you can complete all the renovation changes to your park colonial home by then, you’re in great luck. However, you’ll have to research your options carefully because there is a whole lot more to that than laying simple hardwood floors in your home.

Before opting to renovate your new home and make them more customize to your taste, there are a lot of options to choose from in creating spaces that will last you a long time while living in the park colonial condo. With the variety of options provided for Singapore customers, you may have to take your time choosing the right material and furnishings. To have this fix quickly, you may choose to come for a showflat tour as we do have one of the latest technology by showcasing it to you via virtual-reality. We promised you a visual treat in the park colonial showroom along woodleigh lane. Contact us for a full presentation now!


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