Proper planning before you acquire properties such as Riviere Condo

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Proper planning before you acquire properties such as Riviere Condo

riviere condo at jiak kim

Plans, plans and more plans. You’ve probably heard them a thousand times before you begin hunting your own lovely home in our tiny Singapore. Everything you need requires a plan, a well-planned scheme based on your requirement needs for a timely execution. Amidst the ongoing search, you may come up with many other surprising developments and among them, the new kid on the block; Riviere condo seems a promising residential project candidate within the Prime District 9 neighborhood now.

It has the supreme locational advantage of being sited at the former Zouk club site at Jiak Kim Street and slated for VIP launching in May 2019. It is a residential project that integrates some serviced residences and commercial components within the entire boundary. It will be developed by Frasers Property Singapore ever since they won the land parcel through public tender from the hands of our Singapore Government.

There will be 455 residential homes allocated for potential buyers of this luxurious riverfront development. Now, before you proceed with the exploration of this new built property, we’re sure of the need to look at the various floor plans that will be made available in softcopies initially.

3D models and show flats will be the basics, these are the standard requisites for every purchaser before deciding on which condo layout would be the best for their family home.

Visualize your home before you advance

Once you see the floor plans of the different layout at Riviere, you will be able to visualize how the new-built home will look like. For some projects, Virtual Reality (VR) were being used to bring consumers into the proposed home too!

There are mainly two facing orientation for Riviere available in this proposed development. One that faces Singapore River and the other facing Jiak Kim Street. By comparing the site plan against the different unit floor plan, you will likely be able to decide on which unit and on which floor to choose. If you’re pursuing and unobstructed view, you should choose those facing the river based on our observation.

Make your decisions quick

If you’re not keen on the above method, just by looking at images of different rooms is not possible to make out the whole plan. For this, you’ll need the help of architectural blueprints that will let you see and understand how each room are positioned. There are many Feng Shui believers and if you are one of them, please consult your master early to avoid any early buy-out disappointment going forward.

The importance of proper planning

With proper and early planning before you begin your home search, it will eventually free you from a lot of problems. Issues that may arise from your eligibility, financial standing, or anything that you couldn’t think of right at that moment.

There can only be so many such questions and answers to all this possible scenario when you have the floor plans on hand. Understanding the layout is an art, it will assist you in picking out the right condo unit that faces the desired direction.

Whether you choose a 2-room condo or 3 bedded ones in Riviere, you would want it to be the perfect one for you and your family.

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