Local real estate gone bonkers with Haus on Handy

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Local real estate gone bonkers with Haus on Handy

Orchard road skyline

Hey! It has brought to my attention that Martha had been frantically sourcing for her new real estate in prime districts recently. Ever since the government announced officially on the new Master Plan 2019 with some very promising and potential districts for property investments.

The local market has now gone bonkers, with both amateur and seasoned property hunters out in full force. However, the art of pin-pointing a private property with tremendous future potential in Singapore and at affordable pricing may soon become a tedious task for most of the first-time property buyers, due mainly to the differing expectations when it comes to their investment portfolio returns.

Most would prefer to buy something out in the main prime district’s location because of the better infrastructure facilities in proximity. The latest Haus on Handy condo project by City Developments in prime district 9 area will soon be one of the most highly sought-after assets in Orchard road. With the business and financial districts in close proximity along with other strong commercial activities in the neighborhood, it will be the main focus point for those looking forward to purchasing a luxurious asset without the premium price tags.

Why Haus on Handy

With the high demand anticipated for private properties increasing day by day in Singapore, worthy residential apartment for sound investments are becoming lesser and lesser with the daily snapping up of choice units by many investors. This new luxury condo development was proposed by CDL many months ago, aiming at fulfilling the tight expectations of ultra-high net worth home buyers with the latest smart technology.

Another point to note is that it provides a good living space that covers the modern amenities for both young children and family alike. Anyone who aspires a high-living standard in the wealthy Singapore can choose to own a condo unit from Haus on Handy by CDL, the new project for a lavish lifestyle in a bustling atmosphere immediately.

Your dream home will be very near to all leading shopping malls along the Orchard Road Shopping belt, tertiary institutions, entertainment outlets, hospitals and parks allowing people to access them with ease of mind.

It is also very well-connected by rail network, bus services and other mode of transportation, enabling you to reach other places in the shortest possible time. You can consider booking a condo unit here that fulfills your every requirement, there will be a total of 188 units in 3 residential towers, allowing you to access the facilities with fantastic city views.

Book them now!!

CDL is one of the largest real estate developers in Singapore by market capitalization, with the objectives of providing high-quality residence to home owners by integrating them with the most advanced applications. It enables anyone to book an apartment in Haus on Handy based on the their most intimate choices. This new project is located along handy road, strategically next to main Orchard Road and in return for a handsome capital appreciation going forward. Those who want to enjoy their life in a world-class environment in our prime districts, please book your appointment in advance for their showroom viewing.

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