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Amber 45 Showroom

Amber 45 Showroom New Amber 45 Condo – It is diagonally across amber gardens’ lovely backyard, were once a plot of heavenly property site being utilized by a home-grown landscaping, horticulture and flower businesses. Ban Nee Chen Private Limited, is an established organization currently in practice for the previous 30 years serving our surrounding regional…
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margaret drive new launch condo

New launch condo at Margaret Drive

Margaret Drive New Release Condo Singapore – Through the Government Land Sales of December 2016, a piece of land sitting on Margaret Drive which is right next to Queensway Secondary School were being triggered for a tender exercise. Due to the attractiveness and highly sought-after district 03 locale in recent years, we were not the…
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Property Law in Singapore

Things that you have to know about Property Law in Singapore

There are a lot of us who are interested in global investments. If you are one among them, then investment ideas in Singapore are definitely on your list. Undoubtedly Singapore is one of the best places in the world where you can make successful investments. Apart from the fact that the nation saw humongous growth…
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Singapore’s Property Market

Singapore’s Property Market is Ready to Strike Back after a Long Slumber. Know how!

Singapore is one of the places where the property market is highly successful. It is one of the predominant factors that cater to the growth of the GDP of the nation as well as the growth of the global economy. But in certain cases, even the best markets have an impact if the global market…
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