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New Artra Condo at Alexandra View

the artra condo

Breaking news – Singapore’s private residential market has bottomed out after years of being in the dreaded doldrums. It has since been recovering well and moving upwards steadily since the last two quarters of increase we’ve seen in 2017. Fast forward to February 2018 now, we’ve seen a tremendous increase of market sentiment over the past few launches such as New Futura where they did exceptionally well during their opening sales. Moving each multi-million worth of prime properties at a lightning fast pace.

The entire local property market has been led by the snapping up of our prime properties where they’ve seen the most monetarily losses over the past few years. But times have changed, and they are turning the tide over now. If you are an investor and have been sitting on the fence all this while, it is high time you look at it seriously now. Savvy investors purchase properties during the early uptick and not during the bottoming. So, be wise and do not miss the boat now.

If you’re not aware of the latest condo project by FEC Skyline Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Tang Group of Companies, we would like to bring this new and exciting development to your attention now.

They have been named as The Artra Condo at Alexandra View. Besides the top notch in-house facilities developer are offering, it is a mixed used development and with a retail podium underneath your residence. The only such landmark in the entire redhill vicinity and bound to be an iconic development which is adjacent to redhill mrt station.

With such a great combination of having concept retail, food and beverage joints, childcare centre and major train station at your doorstep, it is a condo development waiting for you to explore.

Besides the day to day meal they can offer to all the residents, there will also be an anchor upscale supermarket within the development for your groceries segment.

From the daily needs to the huge transport network to and from work into the city centre, you are being covered from all angles that includes having the convenience of housing your toddlers within the childcare centre located right at your doorstep. Wouldn’t it be great that could fetch your child right at where you reside rather than having to travel after work to fetch your kids elsewhere?

Should this be the kind of lifestyle you’re constantly dreaming of, by having all the wants and needs in one strategic location, please find your way to the showroom by arranging with your real estate agent and check out their amazing price now!

Amber 45 Showroom

Amber 45 Showroom

New Amber 45 Condo – It is diagonally across amber gardens’ lovely backyard, were once a plot of heavenly property site being utilized by a home-grown landscaping, horticulture and flower businesses. Ban Nee Chen Private Limited, is an established organization currently in practice for the previous 30 years serving our surrounding regional market.

They have since left and vacated the near 70,000 square foot site, allowing the murderous looking contractors and their fully-equipped armies coming in for the kill with their tools and special equipment in tearing down the once smelled good and with pots of beautiful flowers lining the side of the premises. It all came to an end, leaving the ashes in the air to settle themselves just in a night of executing the silent operation.

This plot of freehold land parcel will be redeveloped into a high-end private condominium, after the private sale went through between local developer Sin Lai Huat and UOL Group Ltd, whom the latter had secured the beautiful site silently. Slightly ahead of the existing collective sale fever, and at a nett purchase cost of only $156 million Singapore dollar. If would have gone ugly should the transaction takes place in a few months later for UOL Group as the price will be significantly higher by then due to the changes of the property market scene.

This new amber 45 showroom is conveniently located along amber road, sandwiched between The Shore Residence and The Sea View condo development. If you are not that savvy on this location, it is near to the old Katong Shopping Centre, an iconic building as it was one of the first few Commercial Complex to be built in the past.

Amber 45 is a pretty tiny and palatable plot of real estate, about the size of BMW showroom at Alexandra road. It has a status of 2.1 plot ratio from the URA and UOL will be constructing a single tower of futuristic looking, with an ultimate touch of luxuriousness to the structure by differentiating itself from the immediate “friends”.

Apart from the beautifully designed façade by the award-winning architecture firm, ADDP Architects. The vertical block will also be accommodating a total of 139 household apartment units on a 21-storey high premise. Basic facilities within the condo includes a swimming pool, kids pool, outdoor fitness area, gardens by the flowers and a tennis court in green etc.

If you’re part of the millennial in this age, we’re sure none of us will shy away from the current technologies to enhance and improve our daily lives. Hence, developer would probably be going all out to integrate a full suites of smart software systems into the household by employing the latest advanced technological aspects.

Even so, if you’re working around the idea of living alone in this exceptional development by purchasing a smaller unit, you will not be pleased to learn that there will not be any 1-bedroom type in this condo. A 2-bedroom unit will be the bare minimum here for would-be purchasers.

Ultimately, if you can afford the price tag of at least a 2 bedded, it is really a condo not to be missed!

New launch condo at Margaret Drive

margaret drive new launch condo

Margaret Drive New Release Condo

Singapore – Through the Government Land Sales of December 2016, a piece of land sitting on Margaret Drive which is right next to Queensway Secondary School were being triggered for a tender exercise. Due to the attractiveness and highly sought-after district 03 locale in recent years, we were not the least surprised in witnessing an intense bidding war coming from 14 major property firms, just for this land parcel due to its palatable size and price.

new launch condo at margaret drive

This land parcel was awarded to MCL Land after a series of fierce bidding, and at the highest purchase price of $238.39 million. It was only a mere 7.9% higher than the second highest bidder, Allgreen Properties. It works out to be $998 per square foot per plot ratio for this new launch condo at Margaret drive. Signalling a balanced and stable market outlook by the cautious developers whom had took part in the tender exercise.

The actual site of this land parcel is strategically located between both Queenstown and Commonwealth MRT Train Stations. A few hundred meters of distance, a couple of minutes’ walk away to either one. The site on topic right now is a 99 years leasehold land, with a site area of about 51,772 square foot and a maximum permissible Gross Floor Area (GFA) of approximately 238,906 square foot. Based on market observers, it could yield as much as 320 apartment units in the development when launch.

Analyst had expected the breakeven point at about $1,500 per square foot, which makes it to be one of the more competitive price range around the same vicinity as compared to commonwealth towers and queens peak nearby. New launch condo projects in this area have been generally well received by the consumers and home buyers. If you’re one of the owner in Queens development, we’re pretty sure that it will put a smile on your face as the property prices have been increasing steadily in your neighbourhood for the past few years.

Going forward, there will be a lot more to offer in this region and district. Even with a higher price point, this up coming project possess immense qualities and have got what it takes to make up for the premium difference. In fact, our 5-room public housing board flat (resale hdb) at Strathmore ave (nearby) has broken record by transacting over $900,000 in 2017. If a public housing cost nearly a million dollar in the same community, how much would you pay for a private condominium then?

When the time comes, we will be updating more project insights for you, pertaining to this new launch condo at Margaret drive. Stay tuned!

While we are writing this before publishing, developer have made an announcement and named this solid residential development as Margaret Ville Condo. It will no doubt having a view to die for at 40-storey high as it will be overlooking Holland and Ridout Good Class Bungalows Areas.

Besides the luxurious and exclusive neighbour enclave right opposite, you will have greenery landscaping as well as the city skyline as a backdrop. Your visitors will be wowed!

Contact us for more details now!

Things that you have to know about Property Law in Singapore

Property Law in Singapore

There are a lot of us who are interested in global investments. If you are one among them, then investment ideas in Singapore are definitely on your list. Undoubtedly Singapore is one of the best places in the world where you can make successful investments. Apart from the fact that the nation saw humongous growth in an unbelievably short span of time, there are also other reasons as to why the Singapore has a successful housing market. The flourishing economy, stable governance and proper rules and regulations are some of the reasons. So in order to become a successful investor in the housing markets of Singapore, it is imperative that we understand the Singapore property law. Here are some of the things that you should know about the Property act of Singapore:

Property Law in Singapore

  • The property act in Singapore is enforced so well that it ranks 19th in registering property and 2nd position enforcing contracts.
  • In case if you didn’t know earlier, the majority part of the property act is enforced in such a way that it favors the owners of the property. Surprising right? Most of the acts that govern property law across the globe are designed in such a way that they help the buyers, but the property law in Singapore differs there. They stand in favor of the owners of the property, even in case you are renting out a property.
  • If you are a foreigner, you have to abide by certain rules and regulation such as a foreigner is not supposed to buy a property that belongs to the public development housing. A foreigner can invest only in private housing corporations. However, the number of apartments that you purchase in a building is restricted as per the prescribed terms. This simply means that you cannot buy all the apartments in a particular building.
  • In case if you are looking for a commercial or an industrial estate, nothing can make you happier than Singapore because there are no restrictions on a foreign national in the event of this person buying a commercial or an industrial estate.
  • Though this is not in relevance to the topic that my prospective readers are interested in, since it is property act, it is important that we include intellectual property moving a little away from the property. Needless to say, Singapore has made a mark in this area too. Singapore ranks 8th in the intellectual property index in the world.
  • There are also other factors that are relevant to the Property act of Singapore. Leasing, Factoring, Let out and all forms of ways people hold property.
  • As of June 2017, some factors believe that this is the right time to make invests in Singapore. As of the reports of 2017, the prices of the housing corporations in Singapore see a fall in the trend, but at the same time, the demand seems touching the peak as always. So the fall of the market is uncertain as long as rules and regulations protect the housing market in Singapore.

Singapore’s Property Market is Ready to Strike Back after a Long Slumber. Know how!

Singapore’s Property Market

Singapore is one of the places where the property market is highly successful. It is one of the predominant factors that cater to the growth of the GDP of the nation as well as the growth of the global economy. But in certain cases, even the best markets have an impact if the global market is in a downward trend. Similarly, the housing markets of Singapore faced fluctuation and expected downward threats along with the global trends.


The common things that all countries were looking at are the reason for the fall of the real estate markets and the means to recover. But if the global market is sick then the chances of quick revival are slim. In case the real estate markets of Singapore aren’t an exception to it.

Singapore’s Property Market

What are things that a country can possibly do in cases of a downward trend?

Steps for revival!

  • When the economy is facing a downward trend, the government will never stay inactive. It will take all possible measures to save the economy and prevent a possible bubble that might appear in the economy.
  • A market bubble is an economic phenomenon that is quite common in the housing markets. It is a condition where is unexpected fall in the prices along with rigorous demand. This will curb the supply at a point, leading to insufficiency and this leads to an economic bubble.
  • Probably what was happening could have been a bubble that took place at untraceable degrees since most of the global economies took measures to revive at the earliest even before economists could find the possible reason behind the downward trend.
  • Singapore is one among the countries that took intensive measures to revive at the earliest. Meanwhile, in the process of recovery, it ranked as one of the topmost countries in various sectors that have something to do with the real estate market. Such is the efficiency of the Singaporean markets.
  • Though the downward trend existed for quite a longer time than expected here are some of the factors that still kept the fame of the markets high. The ever-growing demand in the markets of Singapore on the global platform and the contribution that the country saw from the public housing developments are few things that kept the spirits of the market and its participants high.
  • However, it is unbelievable that the decline was close to 12% which is pretty much high for a market that is as successful as the real estate markets of Singapore. However, it is an undeniable fact that the government sectors took every step possible and started to micromanage things in order to revive the economy. We hope the steps were steadfast and timely that placed the position of the turning at a reachable point.
  • The government instated a lot of plans and policies that kept the primary factors of the market alive. Now that the world economy is getting better, this specific economy has witnessed the light that is at the end of the tunnel. These factors proved that the housing markets of Singapore are still at their best and that the market is ready for an upswing!