My family goes back to Thomas Churchill, born in 1474 in England. His great-grandson John Churchill crossed the ocean to Plymouth, Massachusetts around 1643. He married Hannah Pontus, whose family is traced back to the 1500s. I have new information about the Larkin and Doane family trees, my ancestors in Nova Scotia.

One of my direct ancestors is John McKindley who lived in Galway, New York in 1774. He came over from Scotland with his brother Moses McKindley.[CONTINUED]

About Milan

Our first settler, John Marvin, arrived in the spring of 1831. He built a combination log cabin, housing both his living quarters and a general store to supply travelers and homesteaders. The cabin was located on the site of our present W. Main St. Municipal Parking Lot. His arrival was closely followed the same year by farmers Bethuel Hack and Harmon Allen. These three men and their families formed the nucleus for the present-day Milan. There was no thought or intent on the part of these men to establish a town and thus, no townsite plan was drawn or filed. Houses were built along Indian paths and wagon trails and the village simply "happened." [CONTINUED]